Smart Discover Workspace

The Smart Discover workspace is made up of 4 key areas: the item selection bar, the visualization picker, the design panel, and the visualization canvas.

Item Selection Bar

The item selection bar (green highlight above) is located along the top of the canvas. This is where visualizations are constructed, via the simply process of selecting the required measures, hierarchies, and filters.

Visualization Picker

The visualization picker (blue highlight) is located along the left side of the canvas. From here, the use can select which visualization is best suited to represent the data in the query. Alternatively, you can enable auto recommend to have Pyramid select the visual for you.

Design Panel

The design panel (red highlight) is placed above the item selection bar, and offers several important functions to help you design and format your visualizations as needed.

Visualization Canvas

The visualization canvas is where your data is displayed in the form of the selected visualization, along with any legends, filters, or slicers that have been added.