Model Lite

The Model Lite tool allows you to create a data model via an intuitive point and click interface.

Unlike the Smart Model toolset, Model Lite allows users to edit joins and tables, edit columns, and to build hierarchies. The Model Lite tool also allows users to select multiple databases as the datasource. Users can then select the required tables from each datasource, and those tables will be used to create the new data model.

Model Lite is a good option for users who want to quickly build their own data model based on a file and/ or database source, and don't require any complex data preparation and manipulation (such as scripting, filtering, or machine learning).

New Lite Model

To build a new lite model, work your way through the 6-step Model Lite wizard. While the Model Lite wizard is less complex than Model Pro, it also offers more flexibility than the Smart Model, enabling users to:

  • connect to a range of datasources (not limited to file sources).
  • create data mashups by connecting to multiple datasources.
  • edit table relationships and table, column, and measure metadata.
  • build multi-level hierarchies to enabled drill functionality.
  • secure the new database and/ or data model at the role level.


  • Click here for documentation on building a new lite model.

Manage Lite Models

Once you've processed your new lite model, you can edit it, manage permissions to it, reprocess it, and set up scheduled reprocessing for it.

  • Click here for documentation on managing lite models.