Tables Ribbon

The ribbon in the Tables panel exposes several useful functions.


  • Data Catalog: use this to upload or download the entire data catalog as a file for the current model.


The 'Tables' functions relate to behavior of the data model.

  • Add a Query: construct an SQL or SOQL script create a custom table when direct querying has been enabled.
  • Show All Tables: show all tables in the model, including hidden tables.
  • Auto Index: enable or disable auto indexing on the model.
  • Disable Cache: disable query caching for the model.
  • Auto Relationship: choose the algorithm that should be used to define the relationships (joins) in the model.


The 'Diagram' functions are used to change the look and feel of the Tables diagram.

  • Rearrange: click to rearrange the tables into their original positions (after moving them).
  • Scale to Fit: scale the diagram down to fit the canvas.
  • Expand All: expand all tables so that their columns can be viewed.
  • Collapse All: collapse all tables so their columns are not visible.
  • Connector Type: select the type of line that will connect joined tables. The default connector type is 'path', but can be changed to 'direct' (straight lines).
  • Delete: delete a selected relationship; only enabled when a relationship is clicked on.

Data Selectors

'Data Selectors' are used to show or hide certain types of data in the Tables diagram.

  • Primary Key: show or hide the primary key icon for columns manually set as primary keys.
  • Hidden Columns: show or hide hidden columns.
  • Column Type: show or hide the column type icons for each column.
  • Columns Index: show or hide the index icon for columns manually set as index columns.