Tables Ribbon

The ribbon in the Tables panel includes several useful functions.

Model Settings


  • Master Flow: show or hide the Master Flow tab.
  • Sync Settings: click this button to sync the Model. The sub-menu controls the automatic syncing behavior.
  • Translations: show or hide the Translations panel.


  • Data Catalog: download or upload the data catalog details (JSON file format)
  • Disable Cache: disable query caching for the model.


The 'Tables' functions relate to the behavior of the data model.

  • Add a Query: construct an SQL or SOQL script create a custom table when direct querying has been enabled.
  • Auto Index: enable or disable auto indexing on the model.
  • Auto Relationship: choose the algorithm that should be used to define the relationships (joins) in the model.
  • Clear Relationships: choose the type of relationships to be cleared
  • Add New Relationship: add a new relationship between two tables
  • Validate Joins: ensure the join relationships are valid
  • Editor View: switches the view from diagram mode to a table view of all the relationships. Editor View can make it easier to identify and edit relationships in large models.




The 'Diagram' functions are used to change the look and feel of the Tables diagram.

  • Rearrange: click to rearrange the tables into their original positions (after moving them).
  • Scale to Fit: scale the diagram down to fit the canvas.
  • Expand All: expand all tables so that their columns can be viewed.
  • Collapse All: collapse all tables so their columns are not visible.
  • Connector Type: select the type of line that will connect joined tables. The default connector type is 'path', but can be changed to 'direct' (straight lines).
  • Show Tables: show all tables in the model, including hidden tables.
  • Aggregate Tables: open dialog to show which tables are assigned as Aggregate Tables. You can also set tables to be of aggregate type here if there are many to set. This is easier than setting them individually through the table properties panel.
  • Attribute Options: selects which attribute properties are shown in the table header.
    • Primary Key: show or hide the primary key icon for columns manually set as primary keys.
    • Hidden Columns: show or hide hidden columns.
    • Column Type: show or hide the column type icons for each column.
    • Columns Index: show or hide the index icon for columns manually set as index columns.
  • Delete: delete a selected relationship; only enabled when a relationship is clicked on.