Remove Interactions

Interactions are the method used to enable filtering and highlighting between presentation assets. For example, filtering visuals by a slicer selection, or cross-filtering visuals by a selected data point. Interactions can be added automatically, using the Auto Interact function, or manually using the Interaction Picker.

Interactions can be removed from the Slide ribbon, from an interaction's context menu, or from the Interaction Manager.

Remove All Interactions

To remove all interactions from the current slide, go to the Slide ribbon and click Remove All (red highlight below):

Delete an Interaction

Interaction Context Menu

To delete a specified interaction only, show interactions and right click on an interaction to open its context menu; click Delete Interaction to delete the selected interaction:

Interaction Manager

Alternatively, open the Interaction Manager, and remove interactions by deselecting the relevant checkbox. In the example below, the Sales grid and the line chart both share a 2-way interaction. Both the Sales grid and the line chart also have a single-directional interaction to the doughnut chart. The doughnut chart does not have an interaction going to any other item.

The slicer has 3 interactions going to each of the 3 visuals.