Present Lite Design

The design panel displays a range of design and formatting functions depending the item type selected. For instance, selecting a text box exposes font formatting options, while selecting a shape exposes stroke and fill color options.

Design Menu Functions



Add Interactions

Show and edit interactions between items.

Add Slide

Add a new slide to the presentation.

Canvas Color

Change the canvas color.

Fill Color

Change the fill color for shapes.


Select font type, size, emphasis, color, and header style.


Show or hide legends for visualizations containing a legend.

Miniature Auto

Enable miniature visualization for the given visual when the presentation is opened in the mobile phone app.

Scale to Fit

Scale the data visualization to fit the tile size.

Show Panels

Show or hide visualization panels.

Snap to Grid

Enable snapping of items added to the canvas.

Stroke Color

Select border color for shapes.

Theme Color

Choose a design theme for the presentation.