Advanced Slicer Wizard

Use this option to add slicers to Publications on the fly. This option enables the adding of slicers from any of your datasources.

The slicer must be configured in the New Slicer wizard, after which it is added to the publication page.

To add a new slicer to the Publication, go to the Home ribbon and select the Advanced Slicer button (red highlight below). A new slicer can also be added from the Interaction Manager.

Add an Advanced Slicer

Configure the slicer from the New Slicer panel.

  • Click here for a more detailed review of the slicer settings.

Data Source

Choose the data source and slicer hierarchy:

Choose Model

Select the data model to connect to.

Select Hierarchy

Choose the hierarchy that will be used to build the slicer.


Choose the elements that will be included in the slicer. There are three ways to set the slicer's elements:

  • Free Selection: manually select the hierarchy's member elements that should be included in the slicer.
  • Level: this option is relevant when working with OLAP or Tabular hierarchies, or regular SQL hierarchies. When creating a slicer based on a regular hierarchy, select this option to specify a particular level of the given hierarchy.
  • Set: choose this option use a custom list as the slicer.

The Title settings let you edit the slicer title.

Slicer Elements Limit

Set the maximum number of slicer elements to include in the slicer. The limit set here cannot exceed the limit set from the user settings.

Add Interactions

From the Home ribbon, select Interaction Manager to add interactions between the slicer and the visuals.

  • Click here to learn about interactions.