Direct Publishing

To print and export your publication without sharing or scheduling it, click the Pyramid button in the top left corner of the user interface. If you have any slicers included in your report design, you can select the relevant slice of data you wish to print. The slice choices appear at the top of the dialog.

Note: export to CSV, XML, and JSON is not supported in Pyramid Community edition.

Print an Item with Slicers

When printing and exporting a publication containing a slicer, a single slicer selection can be made from the Print & Export dialog.

Print and Export a Publication with Page Repeaters

To print and export a publication filtered by multiple slices, use the Page Repeater function.

Print and Export Summary

Open the Print and Export Summary dialog from the job spooler, by clicking the Summary icon of the relevant item.

  • Summary tab: lists the output type to which the item was exported; the date and time it was exported; the export status; how long it took to export; and how many queries were successful, empty, or contained errors.
  • Queries tab: the query status, the query ID, and the query duration in seconds.
  • Components tab: the query status, the query time, the create duration in seconds, and the query ID.