AI Image Generator

Use integrated generative AI functionality to generate images and dynamic text for publications. This can help you to quickly and easily design your publications, create master pages, and add custom graphics. Simply enter your prompt into the image generator and to return an image.

Use AI Generate an Image

To generate an image using AI, click the "Generate Image" button from the Design ribbon. Enter your text input (purple highlight below) and click "Generate" or hit Enter on the keyboard.

The generated images will appear on the current page, and will be the same size and dimensions as the page.

Working With Generated Images

As with other content items, generated images can be resized, repositioned and rotated by clicking it and dragging the container handles, or from the Component ribbon. Templates: use the image to create master page cover and content pages.

Right clicking on the image will expose several functions from the context menu:

  • Click Action: right click on the image and select Click Action to configure a dynamic jump button.
  • Set Tooltip: right click on the image and select Set Tooltip to configure a dynamic tooltip for the image.
  • Clipboard Tools: cut, copy, and paste the image.
  • Delete: delete the image.
  • Alignment and Formatting: align the image on the page, and send it forward or backward.
  • Open in Illustrate: open the image in illustrate, where you can use it to create and share dynamic infographics.
  • Make Illustration Shareable: if the item hasn't been saved to the content manager, you can do so by making it shareable.
  • Go to Item Location: if the item has been saved to the content manager, you'll be able to go to it's location there.

Warning: AI-generated assets are generated from public domain algorithms, which can produce both erroneous and inconsistent/ random results. Use at your own risk.