Publish Pro

The full Publish toolset for drag-and-drop, point-and-click report building, adhoc querying and data visualization WITH ALL sophisticated features enabled.

Publish Pro is the full Publish module in Pyramid for users to author and build dynamic publication, Add visualizations to the Publication, create data-driven dynamic text and infographics, apply styling and formatting, change and interact with live queries, and more.

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The 'Pro' experience, for users with a 'Pro' license, usually comes with WITH ALL sophisticated features enabled. However, via user profiles, admins can disable advanced options and advanced analytics within Publish Pro - either for specific users or roles. Separately, there are other variations of Publish designed for different use cases and generally suited for less technical users:

  • Smart Publish : an AI-driven tool for helping non-technical users to build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics. It offers users the simplest method for building data visualizations in Pyramid through a simple point-and-click wizard.
  • Publish Lite: fully self-contained toolset for non-technical users to construct their own Publications, without entering any other module.

While Pro licensed users can up or down grade the version of Publish they use (and in some cases access multiple versions), 'Analyst' and 'Viewer' licensed users are exposed only to a subset of the functionality.

Each interface produces the same outcome and the content is functional in all of the different tools.

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Publish Pro Workflow

The following section of help will focus on the functionality of the Publish Pro tool set covering these topics in depth: