Text Fields

Text Fields are used to add dynamic text to the publication, providing additional context and insight to publication consumers.

  • Text fields should be added to the content template if you want them to appear on every page.
  • Text fields can be added from:
    • The left-hand Toolbox. Right-click the Text Field icon and select your required option from the drop-down menu. Then click the canvas where you would like to place the text.
    • The Dynamic Text option on the overhead Text ribbon. This option is only available when a text box is selected on the page. In addition to the Text Field Types (below), this option also offers options to create dynamic text and place holders.
  • Change text field fonts from the Text ribbon, ensuring that the relevant text field is selected.
  • When moving from the content template to the content pages, the text field tags are shown on each page (for example, #Today or #CreatedBy).
  • When the publication is launched at runtime, the replacement text is shown on each page (for example, 29/02/2024 or A.N. Other).

Text Field Types


  • Page Insights: Add insights about the visuals on this page in natural language. This AI-driven feature uses the underlying LLM to generate an automated analysis of the page when the publication is created.
  • Current Date: Today's date.
  • Create Date: The date the publication was created on.
  • Modified Date: The date when the publication was last modified.
  • Created By: The name of the user who created the publication.
  • Modified By: The name of the user who last modified the publication.
  • Publication Title: The name of the publication. This name was initially created when saving the publication in Pyramid.
  • Description: The description associated with the publication. This description was also initially created when saving the publication in Pyramid.
  • Table of Contents: A table of contents for the publication. 
  • Page Number: The page number for the current page.
  • Total Pages: The total number of pages in the publication.


Add Text Fields

  1. From the left-hand Toolbox, right-click the Add Text Field option and from the sub-menu, click one of the Dynamic Text Field options.
  2. The cursor is enabled. Note: You can, alternatively, also use the Dynamic Text drop-down list from the Text Menu to add a text field.

  3. Click on the canvas where you want to drop your Text Field.
  4. The Text field panel is added to the canvas. If you added one of the following options, the settings panel opens at the bottom of the page:

  5. Apply the Settings as required.

Note: When the publication is rendered, each text field #tag is replaced with the relevant dynamic text. For example, the text field #PageNumber is replaced with the actual page number on each page.

Add Page Insights using Chatbot

If you use the Chatbot to create your publication, you can include a request to "add page insights" as part of your prompt. When the publication is rendered, the Page Insight panel is replaced with some dynamically generated output that is returned in natural language.

For more information, see the step-by-step exercise at Build a Publication using the Chatbot.