CurrencySwissFrancs0 (PQL)

Returns a number as Swiss Francs with no cents

  • Returned Output: Text
  • Library: PQL \ Common \ Formats
  • Version: 2020.10.000
  • Compatibility:
    • Can be combined with and other PQL function throughout the application.
    • It CANNOT be used with MDX or VBA functions. But it can be used on MDX-based content in other parts of the application.


Format( <Numeric> , "CHF%,.0f" )

* Click on the function's arguments above for more details on the input values.

  • The predefined format is a short cut to using the standard string FORMAT function.
  • The format mask provided can be easily changed to create alternative number formats, as described here. You can also see the process of editing masks by comparing this function to the others in the listing.
  • Make sure to note the use of the double quotes, single quote and no quotes in the mask design. They are all relevant.
Different Function types
  • Use the DateFormat function to format dates.
  • This function is like the Excel Format function.


This example returns the string "CHF1,568"

Format( 1568.23 , "CHF%,.0f" )