Color Picker

The Color Picker is used in several locations across Discover, Illustrate, Present, Publish, and Tabulate. It changes the background color of reports, charts, and slides, and font colors for titles, labels, and more. Each color component that can be customized has its own button with a color picker that drives the color for that component only. For instance, if you change the color from the Report Background color picker in Discover, only the report background will be changed; all other components (like chart background, report title, data labels, and so on) will be unaffected.

Color Types

The color picker offers a few methods for selecting a color, with each method offering a different range of colors. You can choose a color that exists in your currently selected design theme, select from a range of standard colors, or add your own custom colors.

Theme Colors

When any of the color pickers are opened, the first category of colors to choose from is Theme Colors.

Theme Colors are all the colors that exist in the currently selected theme. In the following image, the chosen theme is Pyramid 2021. Note: The Theme Colors menu shows all colors associated with the selected theme.

When a different theme is chosen, the Theme Colors are updated accordingly; here the Blue 2021 theme is selected:

Standard Colors

The Standard Colors menu displays the same range of colors regardless of which theme is selected.

Custom Colors

If at least one custom color has already been configured, Custom Colors are displayed (green highlight, below). They are displayed beneath the Standard Colors:

More Colors

When More Colors is selected (see above), the Custom Colors dialog opens. To choose a color you can: click the color from the color window, use the color slider, or change the values in the Hex (green arrow, below) or RGB channels (pink highlight). Use the alpha channel or transparency slider to change the transparency (gray arrow):

Click OK to confirm your custom color selection. You color selection is added to Custom Colors.

Use AI to Find a Color

Use the Find a Color feature to generate a color using Pyramid's generative AI integration. You color selection will be added to Custom Colors.

In this example, your underlying LLM (which might be ChatGPT, for example) is used to change the report's background color to a color described as "watermelon."