Map Formatting

When working with maps, several formatting options are afforded that enable you to design the map according your needs. For instance, you can select the specific map type, customize the map colors, add zoom control buttons, and more.

There are three map types, each of which can be formatted as needed:

  • Bubble Map: bubble maps are used to display data geographically, with bubbles used to represent values: the larger the bubble, the larger the value.
  • Shape Map: shape maps are used to create a map displaying polygon shapes.
  • Geo Heat Map: geo heat maps are used to represent the map's measure as a range of colors.

The following formatting views will also be available for each of the maps:

  • Report Title: customize the report title.
  • Data Labels: (for shape maps only) show, hide, or adjust data labels for shape maps.
  • Legend: edit the report legend by changing its position, layout, and fonts.
  • Color: customize the color and font for a given legend item and the analogous data point.