Smart Discover

Smart Discover is an AI driven tool for helping non-technical users to build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics. It offers users the simplest method for building data visualizations in Pyramid through a simple point-and-click wizard. (Arguably, the Natural Language Querying is even simpler - because the user only needs to write plain English questions.) Smart Discover is ideal for users who want to build discoveries and glean insights quickly, but who don't have a need for the more advanced functionality afforded by Discover Lite and Discover Pro.

Note: Smart Discover is also included as an "internal" tool for creating content from inside Present and Publish. It can also be launched directly into these two tools from the welcome screen using "Smart Present" and "Smart Publish"


Smart Discover consists of a simple data selection tool and an automated visualization mechanism. All other complexities usually related to data discovery have been redacted or are only included as "extra" options shown in the wizard.

The wizard presents the user with an ultra-streamlined interface, consisting of the report canvas, the visualization menu, and a single unified drop zone. There's also a simplified design theme menu for choosing graphic designs. Simply add the required measures and hierarchies, and Pyramid will present your data in the appropriate visualization.

Access Smart Discover

Access Smart Discover by launching the Discover module; when opening the required data model, simply open it in Smart Discover rather than Discover Pro.

Smart Discover Workspace

The Smart Discover workspace is highly streamlined to enhance the user's experience and make the report-building experience as simple as possible. The workspace consists of the item selection bar, the visualization picker, the design panel, and the canvas.

Build Smart Discoveries

Build smart discoveries by selecting the required measures, hierarchies, elements, and filters from the selection bar. You have the option to manually select a visualization, or let the AI driven Smart Visualization engine auto-select an appropriate visualization for you.

Manage Smart Discoveries

Manage your smart discoveries by saving them to your private content folder or to a shared content folder. You can also print and export your discoveries, and access and edit existing discoveries.