Hidden Slicers

Hidden slicers make it possible to add slicers to your presentation, without adding them to the canvas. Instead, they will appear in the Presentation Menu, which can be opened and closed as needed. They also provide a way to configure an interaction from a single slicer to multiple visuals throughout the presentation. When the slicer is used to filter the presentation on one slide, the slicer value is passed to the specified visuals in the presentation.

Configure Hidden Slicers

When a slicer is added to one slide, that slicer is automatically added as a hidden slicer to the slicer panel when you navigate to another slide in the presentation. This allows you to add an interaction from a slicer on one slide, to a visualization on another slide.

You can also use the Hide function to move a slicer from the slide to the hidden slicer panel, so that it won't appear on any slide in the presentation. To achieve this, right click on the slicer and select 'Hide on this slide'. The slicer be removed from the slide and added to the Slicer panel.

If you have multiple instances of the same slicer, across different slides, only the selected instance will be hidden; any other instances will be unaffected.

Un-hide a Hidden Slicer

You may want to move a hidden slicer to the slide, rather than leave it in the hidden slicer panel. To do this, simply drag the hidden slicer from the slicer panel onto the slide. Drop the slicer onto the slide, and configure it as usual.

Turn off Hidden Slicers

Hidden slicers are enabled for each slide by default, and they appear in the Presentation whether or not any interactions have been set. You can turn off a hidden slicer by deselecting it from the Slicers panel while the relevant slide is selected; in this scenario, the hidden slicer will not be rendered for the given slide when the presentation is launched in runtime.

Edit Hidden Slicer Preferences

From the Slicers panel, you can:

  • Turn off all hidden slicers by unchecking the 'Show all slicers option' (red arrow below); all slicers will be turned off for the currently selected slide.
  • Turn off a hidden slicer by unchecking it (blue arrow below); the slicer will be turned off for the currently selected slide.
  • Right click on a hidden slicer to open its context menu (green highlight below) dialog, from which you can open the Slicer Settings panel, Actions panel, detach the slicer, or delete the slicer.

Reorder Hidden Slicers

To change the order of hidden slicers visible from the runtime Presentation Menu, go to the Slicers panel. Hover over the move icon left of the checkbox (red highlight below), click and drag the slicer to the required position.

The new slicer order will be reflected in runtime.