Build Lite Presentations

The process of building lite presentations is designed to be intuitive, flexible, with each action achieved through simple point and click functionality. There are two main aspects to the workflow of presentation-building; the first focuses on adding data-driven content items, and the second is concerned with design and formatting.

The first aspect, adding data-driven content, includes selecting existing data discoveries, slicers, dynamic text, and infographics built in Pyramid. It can even involve constructing new data discoveries on the fly, within the context of your presentation.

You can also create new slicers on the fly so that you can filter the presentation's content items in runtime to focus in on the data you want to see. Although dynamic interactions are automatically added between visuals and slicers, you can edit them if required.

The remaining options are related to the design of your presentation; this includes adding dynamic text fields, which are rendered in runtime and add context like the slide number, current date, or presentation-creator. You can also add static text to make titles, or write notes in the presentation. Importing images is particularly useful for branding purposes; simply import your organization's logos and place them on the canvas as needed. And finally, you can add shapes from the library or shape presets; this is useful for creating banners, making text stand out, or simply adding design elements to the slide.

Learn More

To learn more about building presentation in Present Lite, follow the links below:

  • Add Content: add existing content items or build new data discoveries and automatically add them to the presentation.
  • New Slicer: create new slicers in Present Lite.
  • Interactions: edit the interactions that Pyramid automatically wires up between the content items and slicers in the presentation.
  • Dynamic Text Fields: add dynamic text fields that will be rendered at runtime.
  • Import Images: import images to use in the presentation.
  • Static Text: add static free text and format it as needed.
  • Shapes: add shapes from the library of shape presets.