Building Publications


Building a Publication

STEP 1. Launch Publish

Open Publish, and from the New Publication window select a theme, orientation, and size.

STEP 2. Build Templates

To build a cover page or content page template select the corresponding page icon - the publication background will turn blue when properly selected. Drag and drop image files onto the canvas, and use the text tools to add headings and other text. Use the shapes tools to add banners.

STEP 3. Add Content

From the Content panel on the left, navigate through the folder tree to find the relevant visuals, slicers, and parameters. Drag and drop them onto the canvas, and resize as required.

If using content page templates, be sure to select the template before adding content to the canvas.

STEP 4. Add Interactions

When adding slicers from the Content panel or configuring a new slicer, the Interaction Manager dialog will open along the bottom of the page. Drop the slicer in the dialog, and from the Report Item column, check the visuals that should be filtered by the slicer, then minimize the window.

The slicers will not be visible on the page - you must configure additional slicer preferences when scheduling the publication.

STEP 5. Save and Schedule

Once you save your publication, the Schedule button will be enabled in the home ribbon. For details, refer to Schedule a Publication.