Discovery Actions

Actions are a convenient and effective means of extending the classic flow of analytics. Use the Actions panel to configure specified actions that will be triggered when a user clicks somewhere on the visual. To learn about using Actions in Present, click here. To learn about support for MS SSAS defined Actions, see Cube Actions.

Note: Actions are not available in the Pyramid Community.

Open the Actions panel from the Home ribbon.

Configuring Actions

Actions are configured from the Actions panel. From here you can configure three types of action:

  • Jump to Content Item: Specify an item to be opened in Content Manager.
  • Jump to URL: when the specified report element is selected, the given dynamic PQL functions are used to produce URL.
  • Execute JavaScript: when the specified report element is selected, a JavaScript function will be executed.
  • Tooltip: create a tooltip that displays a specified data discovery or presentation.

Cube Actions

When working with MS OLAP, Tabular, and BW models, actions that were configured in the data source can be executed in Pyramid. Click here to learn more.

Run Actions

The actions configured for a target will appear in the visualization context menu. For instance, if an action is defined for a hierarchy in the visual, right click on the relevant hierarchy to select its actions.

Managing Actions

Actions are managed from the Actions panel, where they can be replicated across multiple reports, edited,and deleted.