Discover Lite Ribbon

The Discover Lite ribbon is dynamically updated according to the selected visualization.




Data Labels Inside

Display data labels inside the chart's segments.

Data Labels Optimized

Let Pyramid decide how to display data labels.

Data Labels Outside

Display data labels outside the chart's segments.

Fill/ Empty/ Semi-Filled


Change the opacity of data points when working with line and area charts.


Add best fit forecasting.

Hide/ Show Tooltips


Hide or show tooltips that are used to expose detailed properties of member elements.


Auto-switch the positions of hierarchy or value chips in two drop zones, to pivot the visual in a way that could be more interesting or easier to consume. .


Change the position of slicers, legends, filters, and sorts on the canvas.

Run Query


Click to manually execute the query.

Scale to Fit

Use to scale large grids and trellised charts down to canvas size.

Show Empties

Enable to show empty rows and columns.



Click to add grand totals to a grid. Select the drop down to configure totals rows and/ or columns from the dialog.

Trellis Horizontal/ Trellis Vertical

Trellis the axes to show labels for each trellised chart.

X-Axis/ Y-Axis

Show or hide x- or y-axis labels.