Dynamic Placeholders

Dynamic place holders give users the ability to configure slicer-driven dynamic text within Present and Publish. The text will change dynamically according to the slicer selection.

Add a Dynamic Place Holder

To configure a dynamic place holder, start by adding a textbox to the page and entering the required text.

To add a placeholder, select the textbox and click the Dynamic Placeholder button (red highlight below) from the ribbon.

Now use the Interaction Manager to configure the data interaction(s) between the slicer(s) and the text.

When the publication is rendered, the dynamic placeholders will change dynamically according to the slicer selections.

Interaction Manager

From the Interaction Manager, manage interactions and slicers for content items that are on the currently selected page. You can add, remove, and edit interactions, add and delete slicers, and view slicer settings.

Open the Interaction Manager to define interactions between the placeholders (purple highlight below) and the slicers (yellow highlight below). Each place holder can have a single interaction with one slicer.

In this example, an interaction was added between the placeholder and the Country slicer. When the publication is rendered, the placeholder will dynamically update to display the country selected from the slicer.