Limit Distribution

The Limit to fully successful results only checkbox can be used to prevent the automatic distribution of publications that were not built completely successfully. Where a scheduled build "finishes with errors" (or is a "Partial Success" in the language of the Task Manager) this option determines whether or not to complete the automatic distribution:

  • Where this option is not selected (default), the publication is built and automatically distributed according to the schedule. The broken item is simply excluded from the output.
  • Where this option is selected, the publication is built with the missing broken item but it is not automatically distributed. You can still view the built publication in the Schedule Manager, but it is distributed to your users by email, on the bulletin board, or through the webhook channels.

Bulletin Board Distribution

Share scheduled publications with Pyramid users via the Pyramid application by distributing them to the bulletin board. Govern who will have access to these publications by setting user role security.

Email Distribution

Email distribution offers you the flexibility to send scheduled publications via email. This ensures you're able to automatically distribute scheduled publications to report consumers, including those who may not have access to Pyramid.

Note: The emailing option is not operational unless messaging services have been enabled in the admin console first.

Note: Sending as an attachment is available only with the Extended Report Bursting License. Otherwise, only the linked option will be functional.

Webhook Channel Distribution

Webhook distribution is used to distribute content to a Webhook channel. This can be a channel on Microsoft Teams or Slack, or it could be another third party site.

Note: Webhook channel distribution is available with the Enterprise Edition license only.

Static and Dynamic Distribution

For both bulletin board and email distribution, users are able to configure both static and dynamic distribution: