Publish Lite Toolbox

The Publish Lite toolbox is the main operational point for accessing the tools available to create Publish Lite publications.

The tools available in Publish Lite are a subset of those included in the Pro version. These tools allow non-technical users to add complex assets without needing the Pro version. Users can add static and dynamic assets on the fly. These assets can include such items as text, slicers, images, etc.

Toolbox Functions

  • Interaction Picker: show and manage interactions from the selected content item. It only displays the interactions to or from the selected visual so that users can focus on the specific item.
  • Smart Reporting: an AI-driven tool for assisting non-technical users to build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics. It offers the easiest method for building data visualizations in Pyramid through a point-and-click wizard.
  • Discover Lite: a streamlined interface where users can quickly and easily build content for publications and publications. Discover Lite has more functionality and flexibility than Smart Reporting. It is a good solution for users who need to create complex queries without the full Discovery Pro module.
  • Content Folders: allows users to add pre-existing content items to publications.
  • Add New Slicer: create new slicers on-the-fly and add them to the publication.
  • Add Text Field: add dynamic text fields to publications, providing context and insight regarding the publication, including tables of contents and information regarding who created or modified the page/ publication, and when it was last modified.
  • Import Images: import external images to the publications.
  • Static Text: add static text to the publication.
  • Shapes: use shape presets to add design elements to publications.