Publish Lite Workspaces

The Publish Lite workspace (also referred to as 'edit mode') offers a streamlined version of the full Publish interface. As in Publish, the canvas is located in the center of the workspace and is surrounded by several key functions to assist in building your publication.

Workspace Components


The Publish Lite ribbon (red highlight above) is located along the top of the canvas and exposes a number of common design and formatting functions. Some of these functions are context-dependent, displaying only when a relevant content item is selected on the canvas. For instance, clicking on a text box with expose font options in the design menu, while selecting a data visualization exposes formatting options for visuals.


The Publish Lite toolbox (purple highlight) is located on the left side of the canvas. It displays several key functions that are integral to publication-building, including the ability to create new content items, add existing content items to the canvas, build new slicers, and add text and shapes.


The Pages panel (green highlight), located on the right of the canvas, is where you can add, remove, duplicate and rearrange pages.


The canvas (orange highlight), located in the middle of the workspace, is where you build and design your publication. Content items, text, images, slicers, and shapes are added to the canvas, where they can be re-sized and formatted as required.

The canvas displays the page that is currently selected from the Pages panel.


As usual, the Run button (blue arrow) is located in the upper left corner of the workspace. The Run button is used to export and print the publication.