Publish Lite Ribbon

The Publish Lite ribbon features several common design and formatting functions. Some of these functions are context-dependent, displaying only when a relevant content item is selected on the canvas. For example, clicking on a text box displays the design menu’s font options, while selecting a data visualization displays the formatting options for graphics.

Main Ribbon



Add page

Add a new page to the publication.

Change Theme

Select a theme for your publication.

Slide Canvas

Add or change the background color of the pages.

Snap to Grid

Align content along the grid lines.


Show or hide the master page template on the cover page.


Align the content horizontally and vertically.

Border Color

Change the border color for the selected visual.


Change the background color of the selected visual.

Visuals Ribbon

This ribbon displays when the user stands on a visual.

Scale to Fit

Scales the selected visual to fit the canvas.


Toggle the legend for the visualization

Miniature Auto

Create a miniature visualization for the mobile app

Text Edit Ribbon

This ribbon displays when the user stands on a text field.


Configure slicer-driven dynamic text

Font Selection

Select the font type and size for text fields.

Font Tools

Modify the font style and color.

Heading Style

Select the preset style for text in the publication.