Add Content

Publish Lite offers 3 different ways to add visuals and slicers to your publication: a shortcut to Smart Publish, a shortcut to Discover Lite, and the Content Explorer tree. Each of these options is designed to meet a different requirement; the shortcuts to Smart Publish and Discover Lite are used to create data discoveries on-the-fly and automatically add them to the publication, while the content folder is used to add existing saved content items to the canvas.

Regardless of the method used to add a data discovery to the publication, you'll be able to edit the discovery later on via the Analyze Further tool.

Add Existing Content

From the Content menu you can add existing content items, like visualizations and slicers, that have already been saved to the content management system.

Content Folder

Add existing content items to your publication by opening the content tree; here you can navigate through the folders to find the required items. The My Content folder is your personal content domain, containing your own private content items that have not been shared with any other roles or users. The Workgroup and Public Content folders contain shared content items that you have access to. You may add content items from any of these folders.

To add a content item, simply click on its preview; it will be added to the canvas. You can add data discoveries, slicers, and dynamic text and images.

Add New Content

Build new content and add it to the current publication via Smart Publish and Smart Discover. You can also build your own slicers on-the-fly.

Smart Publish

Click the Smart Reporting button (blue arrow above) to create data discoveries in Publish on the fly via the Smart Discover interface.

Smart Discover is an AI driven tool for helping non-technical users to build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics. It offers users the simplest method for building data visualizations in Pyramid through a simple point-and-click wizard. Smart Discover is ideal for users who want to build discoveries and glean insights quickly, but who don't have a need for the more advanced functionality afforded by Discover Lite and Discover Pro.

Once you’ve built your content item, it will be added to the publication canvas as a one-off. You can right click on it to open it in Discover Lite, where it can be edited; if these edits are saved, they will be reflected in the publication.

Discover Lite

Build new data discoveries in Discover Lite (green arrow above). The Discover Lite tool provides a streamlined interface where users can quickly analyze data on the fly, ensuring that report-building is intuitive and straightforward. However, Discover Lite affords more functionality, flexibility, and complexity than the Smart Discover tool, retaining several advanced capabilities that are available in Discover Pro.

The Discover Lite tool is a good solution for users who want the flexibility to create complex queries, without delving into the full Discover Pro module.