Basic User

The Basic user type is designed for use with Pyramid content embedded in third party web applications. Pyramid Embed is a light weight, code-injectable client that provides superior performance coupled with interactive capability. Application developers creating bespoke analytic applications will find the Basic user type ideal for delivering high class, polished web applications.

Standard Functionality in Embedding

Embedded Discover reports or Present dashboards keep their core functionality in embedded mode. This includes:

  • Context menu driven interactions like drilling, dicing, quick filtering / sorting, pivoting etc.
  • Support for report or dashboard actions from the context menu (including slice actions) - generated from Pyramid or from an external engine (like Microsoft Multidimensional actions and drill-through)
  • Slicing and slicer functions
  • Jump and interactive button support
  • General navigation
  • Smart Insights and the Chatbot
  • Access to the menu panel and hidden slicers (Present only)
  • Full screen button to view the embedded content in full screen mode
  • Reset button to reset the embedded content

Certain capabilities are not available or are presented in a reduced function:

  • Printing is limited to default exports through PDF and Excel only
  • There is no support for Conversations or Workflows
  • The Analyze Further capability is not available

See these links to learn more about using embedded Pyramid content in your application

  • The Embedded Experience: see how to explore data with embedded Pyramid content
  • The Hub: explore how to create your own collage of analytic content on your application page
  • Live Link Back: how to link back to live, interactive analytic views from static output in PDF, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • OData Links: how to get a live link to any analytic object and use that to download data into third party applications like Excel

Note: If the embedded content contains data that the user does not have access to view, an Access Denied message is shown in place of that content item.